Phuket Airport to Natai

In the south of Thailand, an existence of bountiful natural resources still offers every visitor a real experience of bliss on traveling. Each day, many parts or areas in this southern region do their duties as a host to welcome more and more different people from all the corners of the world, representing their truly glorious beauty to impress many individuals. Phuket as well as nearby Phang Nga and Krabi well cater visitors sea hotspots, land attractions, lush jungles, and necessary things. A perfect way to unwind here is to get a service of Phuket taxi to discover rare types of distinctive destinations and brilliant local life. If you have this superb chance, why not spend lazy holiday at Phuket and its adjacent lots in nearby province like Phang Nga and Krabi at least once in your lifetime? You can opt for non-stop pleasure from what you experience each time of visiting any places. However, for someone who likes a sort of total privacy, Natai should be a fantastic venue on your travel list. To make a reservation for Phuket airport transfer will be a great way to start your trip!

Taxi Fare (Thai Baht)  
(1-2 Pax)
(3-4 Pax)
(4-6 Pax)
(7-10 Pax)
Natai Beach  popular taxi 899.- 999.- 1,100.- 1,200.-
Chalong 729.- 829.- 929.- 999.-
Nai Harn Beach  popular taxi 799.- 899.- 999.- 999.-
Patong Beach  popular taxi 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Karon Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Kata Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Rawai 799.- 899.- 999.- 1,050.-
Panwa  popular taxi 899.- 999.- 1,050.- 1,200.-
Rassada Pier 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-

Taking a 20-minute drive from Sarasin Bridge, you can have an easy access to Natai where is located in Phang Nga, a province adjoining to Phuket. You may take a route directly from Phuket airport to Natai for your convenience. A plain seclusion can be found right here incorporating local life of the residents living in this quiet site. Within an easy reach, stunning sandy beach called Natai Beach always invites you to spend best memories and stimulate your energy and enthusiasm. Just take a deep breath in from pure ocean breeze and witness a sublime and calm aqua blue sea in front of your own eyes. For sure, sunset scene is so popular on this majestic beach that it can be photographed for a bunch of photo pieces. Huge plus, there are many hotels in this small area to serve tourists all year round with a super-good hospitality so that you are able to spend amazing days with your companion in this peace-living region. It completely brings you extreme happiness while staying in Natai. Going with Phuket airport transfer, this is a nice opportunity to visit other places situated in Khokkloi sub-district, Phang Nga. Additionally, you can take a route to Traimaksathit Temple or another local name known as Khokkloi Temple where has been a typically elevated site for a long time. Rather than its peaceful ambiance, you will see some parts of construction that are decorated by ceramic tiles, bowls, and terracotta with gorgeous colors making them more beautiful. Want a little more action or soft adventure? Travel to Thaplamu Pier by Phuket taxi, taking approximately 30 minutes from Natai to join in island hopping activity heading to Similan Islands, Surin Islands, or Tachai Island in order to admire other backdrops of marine destinations showing expansive commands of sea and letting you go for snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, swimming, etc., as your preference. Then, be back to Phuket and take a drop-off for a rest at an exquisite Phuket Gateway boasting mesmerizing architectures and useful tourist information center before reaching Sarasin Bridge. After getting a complete detail for traveling around Phuket Island, just simply go to a big array of places waiting for you to visit soon. Another quality view point is at Sarasin Bridge that you should stay longer to see natural things around. What else? If you love to purchase of local merchandise, you can see roadside shops close to the bridge selling many kinds of goods and souvenirs. Also, taste some seafood before continuing your trip to another site.

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