Phuket Airport to Rawai

For a long time, it is palpable that Phuket itself is absolutely a dream destination for people at all ages and distinctive interests. Coming along with crack tourist components assembling many types of quality amenities, top-class services for welcoming visitors, nice range of accommodations to select, and decent facilities to serve throughout the year, Phuket seems to be one-of-a-kind for jollification, chill-out life, and actual relaxation. For sure, you will be overwhelmed with impression and pleasure when making decision to enjoy vacation in this charming location. Allowing a comfortable access to sights and catering scenes of genuine interest on beauteous nature in all aspects, Phuket has far more attractions to lure people and cast a fascinating spell of enchantment. Get excellent taste of real summer on the beach with mouthwatering meals! If you have a plan to be shuttled from Phuket airport to Rawai after landing at this angelic island, we are completely blissful to offer you a brilliant Phuket airport transfer that you can trust us on safeness and comfort along the way while being on our booked car ride service.

Taxi Fare (Thai Baht)  
(1-2 Pax)
(3-4 Pax)
(4-6 Pax)
(7-10 Pax)
Rawai  popular taxi 799.- 899.- 999.- 1,050.-
Kata Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Patong Beach  popular taxi 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Chalong 729.- 829.- 929.- 999.-
Karon Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Nai Harn Beach  popular taxi 799.- 899.- 999.- 999.-
Phuket Town 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Panwa  popular taxi 899.- 999.- 1,050.- 1,200.-
Rassada Pier 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-

Without any disappointment when going to visit Rawai, a Phuket transfer within approximately 20 kilometers when traveling from Phuket City will bring you directly to this appealing region. To find happy moment in the setting of fetching sandy shoreline, clear sea, mind currents, and palatable food is quite cushy after you rent exactly good Phuket transfers to Rawai. Thus, if you are all passionate about seafood dining out and serene time beside the shore, you surely find nice venue for them at Rawai Beach. Of course, it is ultimate place to relish the island at its best. Normally, area of Rawai is number one location for famed family meeting point to feast on a bounty of seafood types cooked perfectly to your liking representing authentic taste of Thai culinary available along with leisurely sipping tropical blended refreshments. However, it is not recommended for frolicking in the water at this beach position as there are some resident fishing boats, long-tail boats, and speedboats floating around to serve sightseeing and snorkeling trips beyond the coast. Instead, you can spend good time to stay loose and take full period of dawdling along a stretch of delightful beach. Being active cruising hub, Rawai Landing Pier can accommodate the great number of tourists who would like to have the best time of the day at other adorable islands far from the coast of Rawai Beach to access to main island destinations like Bon Island, Coral Island, Racha Island, etc. Including a nice and cozy room for collecting your impressive snapshots, those enchanting islands certainly make you feel careless and love to spend more time to chill out around and much enjoy beach activities even on faraway islands. Spend a comfy and quite short drive of taxi Phuket from winning Rawai Beach to the southernmost point of this superb island widely known as Phromthep Cape. Covered by tender breeze, a faultless scene of Andaman Sea in an unblemished panoramic sight can be found here, especially when the sun rises or sets at a vantage point. Another absorbing neighboring site is Kaeophitsadan Island, a small island within 3-kilometer length from Rawai Beach by boat ride within 30 minutes to worship a sacred replica of holy footprint and spot on good view there. In the northern side of Rawai Beach, you can take great visit to Ka Cape with a small rocky bay encased by limitless gentle wind that soothes your mind and body. Optionally, you may make a stopover at Phuket Seashell Museum displaying attractive and unique collection of seashells in more than 200 species and then grab some products made from them for friends, family members, or loved ones.

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