Phuket to Ao Nang

Soon after you safely arrive at the airport and wish to continue moving direct to another on-the-list place, Phuket airport transfer with reasonable price operated by Best Vista is always available for you. This captivating island named Phuket is not only a prime location well-stuffed with all-exclusive things that most visitors really would like to take a look and enjoy everything they can but also Krabi — beside area featuring top destinations are widely referred in enthusiastic way. Mentioned as an intimate hideaway in the definitely awesome southern Thailand, Krabi is fitted out with numerous leisure tourist interests and exotic amenities meeting everyone’s requirement. Traveling around acclaimed Krabi by taxi Phuket will really tickle your fancy as you have a chance to witness countless ultra-splendid ocean vistas and to do something fun all day long. The first must-go place here is Ao Nang where a breezy moment can be created. Therefore, a route from Phuket to Ao Nang is completely advised.

Airport Transfer
Phuket Taxi Fare (Thai Baht)  
(1-2 Pax)
(3-4 Pax)
(4-6 Pax)
(7-10 Pax)
Krabi: Aonang Beach  popular taxi 2,900.- 3,900.- 3,900.- 4,200.-
Krabi: Town  popular taxi 2,900.- 3,900.- 3,900.- 4,200.-
Krabi: Klong Muang  popular taxi 2,900.- 3,900.- 3,900.- 4,200.-
Krabi: Koh Lanta  popular taxi 6,100.- 6,600.- 6,600.- 6,800.-
Phuket Town 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Chalong 729.- 829.- 929.- 999.-
Nai Harn Beach  popular taxi 799.- 899.- 999.- 999.-
Patong Beach  popular taxi 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-
Karon Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Kata Beach  popular taxi 750.- 899.- 899.- 999.-
Rawai 799.- 899.- 999.- 1,050.-
Panwa  popular taxi 899.- 999.- 1,050.- 1,200.-
Rassada Pier 750.- 829.- 899.- 999.-

Frankly, if you are addicted to homey natural lots awaiting everyone to have an impressive touch of actual serene relaxation, Ao Nang area would be an exceptional choice in this majestic province. Surrounded by a stylish combination of accommodations, facilities, and services, Ao Nang is indeed 20 kilometers far from Krabi Town. Begin your excellent day at Ao Nang or Nang Bay with a little distance from famous Noppharatthara Beach conjuring magnificent sea view encircled by super-mellow vibe. You may optionally go across water by boat to spend some good time at other small islands within a quite short distance from its bay. Then, Phranang Cave and its adjoining beach situated in eastern side can be reached only by boat to collect some fantastic snap shots of its extraordinary marine appearance in the extent and to go for longer walk seeing things around. Crystal-blue water often invites you to dip in a favorable manner. After that, let’s have much more time for a whisper of gentle sea breeze at Rai Le Bay where you need to get on a long-tail boat to access to the direction of south of Nang Bay. Right here, not only beach pleasure can be discovered, but also rock climbing for its aficionados. To get an approach to bewitching Khlong Muang Beach is another attractive option for anyone, offering an exotic view of pristine tropical shore usually blanketed in a pleasing ambience extra-great for calmly relaxing on the beach and swimming. Boasting frequently calm and clear water, Ao Thalen located in the north of this site is somewhere you can go for kayaking with outpouring of bliss amongst tranquil mangrove forest and ranges of little valleys and lagoons. Just leisurely absorb its beguiling nature around and have fun kayaking. Some may be interested in visiting Phi Phi Islands — authentic marine haven consisting of especial underwater world with certainly plentiful colorful coral reefs and marine life. Come and see them all with your own eyes and enjoy the most you can in this major visitor part. With a gradual yet real growth of everything to respond to Thailand’s significant tourism industry, there are, for sure, definitely distinctive array of staying venues to match your specific budget and also indeed-good choices of restaurants and bars catering generous types of culinary and beverage to serve you.

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